You don't need to be seasoned, just able to perform atleast abandonded 2 floors

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You don't need to be seasoned, just able to OSRS gold perform atleast abandonded 2 floors. I'm just looking for a simpler way. Combat level: 107. Excuse me. Combat level: 26? Well, what if I turned into a mem? I got it.

If you're able to get 67 dg and become a member then sure. Anyone know how much time it is 67-83 dg? Anyone know how long it is until I do so? Soloing smalls, discovered it works the best for me (I keyed a 49 minute large:P) You did the large with a team? How much xp/h do you get?

I did it using Cart (138) and Beast V3 (117) therefore the manager was 403 (Shadow-forger). I died 6 times, 1 from keying since I ran out of 5 and prayer times on the boss since he could 2 hit me easy and lower my defence to around 30 readily in the very same attacks. I would have gotten about 26k since I obtained 13k and I believe 6 deaths in -50%. And. . .you coulda gotten 52K... but becuz of your battle it -50%. Right?

I log on today and try to chat, and am given a message saying"You have been temporarily muted due to breaking a rule. This mute will remain for a further two days. To prevent further mutes please read the rules" I logged off at 11:58 EST last night, after finishing my Black Demon task, and doing most of my own Spiritual Mages tasks, in privacy with nobody else around. I didn't talk in public or in clan chat. The only places I spoke were in Sal's buddy chat and on Skype (immaterial ).

Now to my knowledge, I did not say anything offensive whatsoever in Sal's, and even if I had, it is Sal's! Even though many of us are fairly laid back and are not hovering over the report , there are a couple men and women who report simply to Old School RuneScape Gold annoy people in the hope they will be muted. Unless you did offend a person, in which case many people are good, law abiding citizens and you are fudgeed.

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