IoT service providers and how they measure themselves

The company operates according to a flexible business model with which communication service providers wishing to enter the IoT market can label their services with a white label.


Globally, companies are looking to drive their digital transformation with IoT-compatible solutions. Through the use of smart devices, automation and cloud networks, IoT offers unlimited opportunities to increase productivity with greater efficiency, lower costs and an improved customer experience. However, the challenge of successfully deploying IoT solutions is to integrate devices, networks, cloud platforms and software in a secure, inexpensive and compliant manner. A large number of IoT-managed service providers (MSPs) are intervening to meet this challenge.


What are IoT managed services?

IoT mps services provide companies with a unique solution to successfully deploy custom IoT-compatible solutions. With existing partnerships and the necessary infrastructure and consulting expertise, they relieve companies of the complexity of providing, implementing and supporting IoT solutions. A full lifecycle MSP offer usually includes:


IoT-managed services with a complete life cycle

Global IoT MSPs enable cross-border operations, provide multi-operator support, and are better equipped for downtime so companies can maintain high quality standards and ROI.


IoT managers service providers in comparison

Comparative global IoT-managed service providers

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Nokia WING

Nokia WING is one of the first MSPs to offer cross-border IoT connectivity and services. Provides fully managed services, from device management, operations and security to customer support and billing for all connected applications. The company operates according to a flexible business model with which communication service providers wishing to enter the IoT market can label their services with a white label. Nokia WING is an integrated solution that results from Nokia's IMPACT platform, Netguard Security, multi-technology infrastructure and carriers, managed services and emerging NB-IoT technology. It is aimed at large companies that want to manage devices in multiple regions with low latency, cost control and a consistent service experience.



Arkessa's collaboration highlights the company's pursuit of global smart city implementations with partners such as Iotic Labs. Arkessa solutions and services offer a strong value proposition for industries such as industrial IoT, transportation and logistics and retail. Arkessa maintains important partnerships, including companies such as Fujitsu, Siemens, Intel and Advantech. These alliances, coupled with Arkessa's launch strategies and innovative eSIM technologies, give the company a huge advantage.


Aeris Communications

The Aeris customer base is mainly in the United States, followed by Europe and Asia. The company has also provided IoT solutions in East and Central Africa for clients such as BBOXX. In addition, it offers a hybrid technology (TracPlus), which allows tracking aircraft in remote areas by switching from cellular networks to satellites.


Wireless logic

Wireless Logic has partnered with technology partners to develop and improve its managed service solutions. The company's collaboration with HERE and Google provides powerful, low-cost mapping and geolocation services. By partnering with mobile device-oriented hardware vendors, software and end-to-end communication solution providers, Wireless Logic IoT solutions have been able to provide flexibility and flexibility.


Wireless core

Kore Wireless is a world leader in IoT MSP that has reported a significant number of managed connections in recent years. The company has operations with data centers in Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America that can be used to support customers around the world. The company's partnerships include mobile telematics, GPS solutions, portable solutions, monetization, subscription billing and device management.

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