As we have seen in the gameplay trailer that released last month

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As we have seen in the gameplay trailer that 2K21 MT released last month, the images will be nearly identical, if not equal to NBA 2K20. While this could be an issue for some, I am fine with this piece of stagnation. There are two reasons: first, I believe we have already seen this creation of consoled pushed into their graphical limitation. It's not going to get much better on PS4 and XB1 than that which we find here. Secondly, it would be foolish to think 2K would want to invest in improving the item visually when they stand to profit from delivering a next-gen version that will be hyped up mainly due to how amazing it looks. 2K and every other manufacturer of annual sports video games may need the gap between present and next-gen to be somewhat noticeable from a visual perspective. As a consumer, I'm fine with that strategy.

Soundtracks are all cool and all, but quite frankly, I struggle to see that the real long-term worth in investing too much into this part of a match. That's an opinion that I'm sure some will agree with, and others might disagree. That said, we have seen the soundtrack which is going to be in the game and based upon your own personal tastes, you are either elated, frustrated, or could care less about the songs included. I am good with what's coming on this front, and as far as remark, I will wait for the next-gen versions for a major jump in this region. Some really cool things could be done in order to make what's already very good opinion in the game even better.

Here is a part of where 2K and EA should really bring the heat. I am not necessarily talking about delivering new ways. I am more referring to fleshing out present modes. For example, I have already stated that with no salary cap feature in MyTeam, I'm most likely not going to give that aspect of this game much of my period this past year. Madden, FIFA, MLB The Show, and the NHL series have excellent versions of the concept in their own collector manners. 2K wants to bring this back to my group.

Most MyGM and MyLeague fans are concerned because we haven't seen a blog for this region of the game, and usually that has been published by now. It is unclear if this means those dear styles have gone awry. Hopefully, that isn't the case as they are a few upgrades that may be delivered on the current-gen that would not threaten the appeal of the next-gen. For example, allowing offline roster founders to include tattoos to Buy NBA 2K21 MT created players. Allowing MyLeagues having a more flexible number of groups (8-64). Permit for rule changes which enable a four-point line (something I understand that has been discussed in the past), shifting the three-point line to college distance, in addition to improving trade/free-agency logic for CPU-controlled teams.

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